Hey loves! I recently started using #KayInLA to document my journey to LA via social media. I’m planning to move to LA to pursue a career as a professional dancer and moving to LA is the first step in my journey. My dream is to dance on tour with a major recording artist, and I’m excited for the journey ahead. I’ve been saving my own money to move to LA, but I’ve been looking for additional ways to save money. One day, I came across a bunch of clothes I’ve barely worn that I wanted to get rid of and thought, “Why not sell them as another way to save money?” Sooo… I created an online store to make things easy and convenient. If you would like to support my dreams, purchase something for yourself or a loved one. If you prefer not to purchase an item, but would still like to support you can purchase the donation item with your desired amount. ALL of the proceeds will go toward my move to LA. Thank you in advance to anyone who makes a purchase. Your support means the world to me! ❤️ You can browse the items or make a donation on my online store #KayInLA.

The story of how the hashtag and logo were created plus some shoutouts: I was hanging out with some dance friends one night when my good friend and brother Elliot YJ You was joking around and started calling Kay-LA. Then, he proceeded to say Kay-L-A. At the time, I didn’t pay it any attention because anyone that knows Elliot knows he’s a goofball. A few days later, I started thinking about it more, and I came up with “Kay In LA”. I thought, “My nickname is Kay, my full name is Kayla, and I want to move to LA… Ayeeee!” 🔥 So, immediately I started drafting logos and came up with the one you see above. Shoutout to Elliot for inspiring the hashtag and Matthew A. Wright for using his graphic design skills to digitize the logo for me.  Thank you Elliot and Matthew for your continued inspiration and support of my journey. The last shoutout goes to Fusion Dance Crew for introducing to me to such wonderful people. I love you ALL ❤️


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