The Journey


Recently, I was talking to a friend about dance related things such as how to make dancing a career, how to get opportunities, and how I knew for sure that being a professional dancer was what I truly wanted. In answering all these questions it seemed I kept emphazing the importance of embracing YOUR journey. If you have a goal that you’re trying to accomplish, you can’t let yourself be consumed with what someone else’s journey looks like. How you achieve your dreams won’t look like how someone else  achieves theirs. You have to be patient and trust your journey. I’ve learned this within the last year or so. I was experiencing a lot of inner conflict because I was witnessing my friends follow their dreams, but I felt like I was stuck. I felt no sense of progress toward my dreams. I quickly realized that it wasn’t necessarily that I wasn’t working toward them, it just wasn’t the right timing for ME. Although I wanted to be in LA immediately, I understood that I needed to develop a plan in order to be successful in my own way. I feel now more than ever that I’m on my way to accomplishing everything I desire.

If you’ve read the About Me page of my website, you know that the reason why I started this blog was to keep myself motivated. Being able to share my dance-related experiences has been therapeutic in a sense. Before I created this blog, I would occasionally discuss my thoughts and feelings with friends, but now I have a platform to share. You never know who you might be encouraging or inspiring just by being authentically YOU. 🤗 I’m more focused on MY journey than ever, and it feels absolutely amazing! Since I’ve refocused myself doors have opened like never before, so be encouraged and never give up on yourself. Whatever your goals may be, gain inspiration and motivation from other people’s journeys, but don’t forget to embrace YOUR journey. ❤️


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