PRSM Season1.PINK #D14D88

Last weekend was amazing! I was fortunate enough to reunite with my NC dance family and meet some dope dancers from the DMV. It was my first workshop in a few months, and I was SUPER excited to dance with everyone. The PRSM Season1.PINK workshop featured Minilik Addis, Marbien de Jesus, and myself. We all taught pieces with different vibes which was awesome, and everyone gave so much energy! My favorite part was watching groups. I love watching groups in class because I always learn so much from everyone. If you’re a novice dancer and you’re new to taking class, I highly suggest watching your fellow dancers during groups if you don’t already. It is truly inspiring, and it makes you want to work harder and grow. Well… at least for me it does ☺️ I always enjoy watching someone just GO OFF in class!

I think what made me the happiest this weekend was that I just let go and had fun. I’ve been struggling recently with focusing too much on picking up the choreography and getting the details that I forget to have fun and perform. I’m proud of myself for keeping perspective and remembering why I dance… because I LOVE IT! I still have so much to work on, but this weekend was definitely a step in the right direction. I can’t wait to dance with my NC fam again at the  2-6 Intensive in Fayetteville, NC on July 22nd. Checkout the Facebook Event page for more details.


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